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The 100 best birding spots in Europe

Our top list of birdwatching areas - the Birdingplaces Top 100 - is online! This ranking shows the best birding areas in Europe according to birdwatchers. The more stars an area gets on Birdingplaces and the more often an area is rated, the higher the position on the list. In this way it is easier for birders to find the birding areas that are most worth a visit. Note that you have to be logged in to view the list. But creating an account is free and fast. Click here to create a free account.

Filter by country

Very handy is the option to filter by country. Just select Sweden, Spain or United Kingdom on top of the page and you can view the 100 top of a country. Do you think an area deserves a higher or lower rating? Go to the area on our map and rate the area yourself! To rate an area click on the stars on top of an area (you can rate with 1 to 5 stars). Your rating is immediately visible in the list. The more birders rate, the more valuable the list becomes. And rating helps other birders to get a better idea of which areas are most worth a visit.