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About Birdingplaces

On Birdingplaces you can find thousands of great places for birdwatching. With all the info you need to go birding in the area. New areas are described and added by birdwatchers every day.

the Easy way to find bird watching areas

Birdingplaces makes it easy to find detailed birding info. Go to our overview map, click on an area and you get a detailed description and map with everything you need to know for some fine hours or days of birding.

made by and for birders

Birdwatchers from all over the world share their favourite bird watching areas on Birdingplaces. This community of birders is creating a comprehensive online guide to birdwatching. Made by and for birders and free for all users.

Help us to enrich the map and share your favourite birdingspots with us. Thousands of birders from all over the world are already joining. And you will benefit yourself from all the birdingplaces other birders add on the website. #EnjoyAndProtect!


> Is free for all users. This is possible thanks to donations by users (click here to donate). We also have a main sponsor: quality optics brand Leica.

> Was initially started in Europe, but at the request of many birdwatchers, we expanded our map to worldwide.

> Aims to contribute to the protection of birds by connecting more people to birdwatching. The more people enjoy birds, the greater the support base for the protection of birds and their habitats. Our slogan is #EnjoyAndProtect!

> Encourages users to support BirdLife International or become a member or donor of a national BirdLife-partner.

> Monitors all information on the website on sensitive data. If we think disturbance of vulnerable or endangered bird species might occur, we remove the information from the website.

> Can be used both at home and on location. For example, when you arrive in an area, you can open the map of the birdingplace you are visiting on your phone and you can easily follow the set route.

Win Leica binoculars

Together with our main sponsor Leica we organize giveaways. This is our 2024 giveaway. Here you can find the winners of 20202021, 2022 and 2023.

mapbox community

The maps we use on Birdingplaces are built with the support of Mapbox Community